Our Candies

Our product range is very wide and includes hard candies, toffee, filled candies, everything is offered in 250g bags and in 1 kg bag.
We have numerous references and types of tastes , starting from which the traditional mint flavor , anise , licorice and fruit to those more particular, such as “Latte&Menta“, “Fragolo“, “Capuciò“, “Mentaliquirizia” and jellies “Amorelle” with the traditional taste of fruit or with tropical fruit flavors and licorice; all products based on our special recipes that can replace or supplement the the assortment of our customers.

Our brands are “Magiche Dolcezze” that represent the full range of 250 g, while the bags of 1 kg “Logo Leone” are transparent neutral bags or lithographed depending on the selected reference.