About us

Our History

When in 1896 Carlo Pagliarini founded the company, began a tradition that has never abandoned; a wealth of experience and passion that has been enriched and strengthened over time.
The result of an inheritance valued and fully assimilated, today the “Finazzi Dolciaria” is a company evolving operating internationally; the company still retains a characteristic of  “family company” given the presence of the active family.
In order to support the continued growth and sudden their markets , the company has invested a lot in terms of technology and manufacturing infrastructure with a view to cover autonomously throughout the production process.

Product quality combined with an effective distribution network, have enabled us to consolidate our presence in time on the market, confirming the trust that customers place in us from that distant 1896.

Finazzi Dolciaria srl is certified IFS and this ensures full compliance with the standards of safety and quality of our products

Our strengths


in service supplies.


related to domestic production inherent in all production processes.


in production and packaging also private label or customer.

Test compared

the organoleptic quality of the product and selection of raw materials , as well as traceability of all ingredients.

The Structure

The plant production and packaging of candy site in Romano di Lombardia ( BG ) , Via Giovanni Paolo II , 187 – located 13 km from the exit of Seriate (highway A / 4 MI – VE ).

Covered area: mq. 3500 + mq.2000 warehouse – capacity storage pallet finished products: n.1000 pallets. Restructuring shed for new warehouse (1000 mq.)

In 1998 was built the new headquarters, including the factory and warehouse logistics .
In 2002 were increased production facilities.
From 2010 to 2014 were replaced production facilities , the current on the vanguard of the industry